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Links to Christian websites interacting with Islam:

- hallindseyoracle.com
- worldnetdaily.com
- islamreview.com
- blessedcause.com
- faithdefenders.com
- answering-Islam.org
- interviewwithgod.com
- davidjohnsonbooks.com
- cc.org
- anti-cair-net.org
- danielpipes.org

- islamreview.com
- peoplestruthforum.com
- islamundressed.com

- jihadwatch.org

Links to homosexuality websites:

- nogaymarriage.com

Links to abortion websites:

- lifenews.com

Links to politics websites:

- agapepress.org

Links to human rights websites:

- persecution.com
- rutherford.org
- christianlaw.org
- terrisfight.net

Links to creationism, evolution, clone websites:

- answersingenesis.org

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"Keep sign up!" "Very good" "We are behind you."

"Great!" "We agree" "Christians need to do what you are doing." "Continue your sign." "Thank God for you"
- Local

"It is great... what you are doing." "We have some good info for you."
- Local, Lived in Saudi Arabia

"Saw your article in New York.. Ground Zero.." "In full support of you and what you are doing."
- New York

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Public Responses :

"Like millions of others, I saw the report on NBC news. Thank God for men like you who are not afraid to speak out against what is wrong with the world. May God bless us and keep us free in spite of ourselves."

P. Smith
February 25, 2003


"You have gotten the nations attention with your sign and we thank you for it. Please continue to preach the truth about Islam and it's ultimate goal of worldwide domination."

J. & D. Terry
February 25, 2003


" How grateful I am that you are taking a stand for the truth of Jesus Christ. We need to do more to keep the evils of Islam out of this country."

R. Miller
February 26, 2003

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